Sun Disc Adjustable Sundial

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The Sun Disc represents a revolution in Sundial design. Unlike other Sundials (which can generally be used only in one place) the Sun Disc can be used anywhere on Earth. Its rotatable disc even allows it to be adjusted for Daylight Saving Time and other factors, making it one of the few Sundials to consistently read the actual time!

Invented, designed and manufactured in Australia, the Sun Disc uses modern materials and design to create a new twist on one of the world’s oldest measuring devices.

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21cm in diameter, the Sun Disc comes flat-packed in an A4 size bag and is easy to assemble and set up, with the flaps and screws provided allowing it to be fixed permanently in place if required. The use of semi-transparent polypropylene allows the shadow cast by the central rod to be readable from the front and back of the disc. Comes with extensive instructions and scientific explanations.

· Made of durable, strong clear perspex and white semitransparent polypropylene.
· Disc is 21cm diameter; comes flat packed in A4 bag, weighs about 300g.
· Comes with extensive instructions and explanations.
· Makes a great ornamental feature and talking point in garden or on a sundeck.

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